Senarai Projek Pembangunan




Development Project Lepang Nenering

( Government Special Projects )

a State Government project to provide a special area of the Master Plan for Upper Base. The plan proposed the concept of Border Town in the north of Perak. The main areas affected area is Nenering cucumber, Klian Diamond, bushes Semang and Upper Base


Development Project Gua Tempurung

( Government Special Projects )

is a project in collaboration with the State Government State Tourism Action Council to create a new tourism areas.


Development Project Bandar Baru Batu Putih

( New Growth Center )

is preparing a detailed plan development project New Town development Puteh taking around especially Bio-Valley and UTAR


Development Project Bandar Baru Lawin

(New Growth Center )

A new urban development project to identify the appropriate components.


Development Project Pusat Peranginan Bukit Larut

( Government Special Projects )

is decided by MMKN project to develop and strengthen the management of Soluble Hill Resort.


Development Project Lembah Kinta 2

( New Growth Center)

is a project to restructure the optimum use of land based on better planning. Prepare a master plan as a guideline of development involves the Kinta Valley 2 Gopeng, Kampar, Malim Nawar, Kota Baru and Batu Gajah.


Gerik Airport Upgrading Project

( Government Special Projects)

is an area of the airport upgrade project based on the length and width of the existing one.


Structured village Kampar

( Structured Village Planning )

restructuring project of lots existing squatters more organized and manageable.


Structured village Seberang Perak

( Structured Village Planning)

Project preparation of layout plan based on existing layout plan.


Pinta Plan Survey and Survey Pilot Program Structured Village

( Structured Village Planning )

is a pilot project to make a layout plan for the area identified for Program Structured village in Perak.


Agricultural Projects Group

  • RPB Sungai Kepayang
  • RPB Dusun Awam Lepang Nenering
  • RPB Kuak Tengah
  • RPB Bukit Gok Yong

( Agricultural Planning Group )

Is a rural development project by placing participants to undertake agricultural berkomersial.